Frequently Asked Questions

Photo taken at the NIES

Frequently Asked Questions

Q What are the key features of the National Institute for Environmental Studies?
A The National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES) is a research institute that plays a central role in Japan in addressing environmental issues, by covering a wide range of research fields in an integrated way, and from local to global levels. Researchers from diverse fields of expertise carry out interdisciplinary work, ranging from basic research to research aimed at addressing complex environmental issues. The high level of researchers at NIES is also one of the distinctive features of the institute, with more than eighty percent of researchers holding doctoral degrees.
Q Specifically what types of research are conducted at NIES?
A Research activities cover a broad array of fields, including global warming; ozone layer depletion; air pollution and other forms of pollution; risks to human health and ecosystems from chemical substances such as endocrine disruptors; waste management, treatment and recycling; and the conservation of biodiversity, among others. More detailed information is available on our website.
Q Is it possible to arrange tours of the NIES facilities?
A View "Visit NIES". 

Q Can I get copies of research reports?
A You can find many research reports on our website. Some of these are available for download in PDF file format. In addition, all research reports can be viewed in the Institute's library (duplication service is not provided). Should you require printed reports, we will distribute copies of individual reports dependant on their being in stock. Please contact the Environmental Information Department (FAX: 81-298-50-2566). While the reports themselves are free of charge, mailing costs will be covered by the person(s) requesting the research reports.
Q Can we attend research presentations?
A NIES organizes Kyoto and Tokyo chapters of its annual public symposium in June or July of each year, in order to report the results of our research to the public. In addition, twice each year we organize an Open House at our headquarters in Tsukuba City (generally April and July). Attendance at both events is open to the public. English language tours of the NIES facilities, as well as a variety of activities and attractions during our Open House days are provided.
Q Do you release information about the state of the environment?
A We release observational data and various kinds of environmental information on the atmosphere and water quality, collected from all over the country through our Environmental Information Department. In addition, the Center for Global Environmental Research makes a wide variety of information available to the public, including a large amount of NIES database information and global environment monitoring data.
Q I'm interested in working at NIES. How can I find out more?
A We hire permanent and non-permanent research personnel from time to time, as the need arises. Please check our website for more information.
Q How can I request for an interview?
A If you wish to interview NIES staff, please send an email to our Public Relations Office (kouhou0〈at〉 with the following required information.

(1)Interviewer’s name and affiliation; (2) Purpose of interview; (3) Desired interviewees; (4) Desired date and time; (5) Duration of interview; (6) Deadline for response; (7) Preferred format (email, telephone, online, in-person etc.); (8) Date of publication or broadcast.

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