Environmental Emergency and Resilience Research Programs

This program will engage in research and technological development that will contribute to addressing environmental issues associated with disasters and accidents.

Specifically, regional collaborative research will be promoted to contribute to the revitalization and management of the regional environment in Fukushima Prefecture and to the creation of an environment that utilizes regional resources in collaboration with regional stakeholders based on the results of past efforts.

Moreover, the program will work to build a resilient waste treatment system and an emergency response system for chemical substance risk management in the event of a large-scale disaster by accumulating, utilizing, and systematizing the experience and knowledge gained from past disasters, including the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Through these efforts, the program will support the construction of a sustainable local environment that meets the social needs in the areas including evacuation order lifted zone in Fukushima Prefecture. The program will also contribute to the improvement of the disaster environmental resilience of local communities in preparation for large-scale disasters by utilizing our efforts in Fukushima.