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Director of Earth System Division

Outline of Research

Contributing solutions to global environmental issues, with an emphasis on climate change

Along with establishing the current circumstances of the global environment, we clarify the causes of environmental change. On this basis, we perform climate risk assessments and future climate change projections as well as research on environmental preservation and conservation. In addition, based on the needs of the environmental administration and to cater to the interests of the public, we actively disseminate our research outcomes and provide scientific expertise.

Strategic monitoring of the global environment

  • Observation and analysis of greenhouse gases which impact the global environment, and clarification of their movement in the global environment and long-term variation mechanisms
  • Refinement of the accuracy of future projections through clarification of the actual circumstances of global environmental change
  • Climate change and global risk assessment
  • Integrated assessment of climate change mitigation and adaptation measures for greenhouse gas emissions /Provision of scientific expertise to contribute to environmental policy-making
  • Strategic monitoring of the global environment; Development of global environmental databases; Support for global environmental research

Database / Tool