Greenhouse Gas Inventory Office of Japan

Welcome to the Website of the Greenhouse Gas Inventory Office of Japan (GIO)

The Greenhouse Gas Inventory Office of Japan (GIO) was established in July 2002 in the Center for Global Environmental Research (CGER), the National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES). Our missions are to annually compile national greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory; to implement various GHG inventory-related tasks and activities, such as providing support and assistance for the technical review of the national GHG inventory of Japan and other Parties for the UNFCCC and the Kyoto Protocol; and to contribute to the capacity building of Asian countries in developing and improving their GHG inventories.
Also, “National GHG Inventory Report of JAPAN (NIR)”and “GHG Emissions Data of Japan”, both of which are published annually, and the information and reports for the “ Workshop on Greenhouse Gas Inventories in Asia (WGIA)” are available and posted on this GIO website.

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